Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs

BHR Designs LLC. stands out from the competition by offering personalized and tailored kitchen designs that meet the unique preferences and needs of each client. With a focus on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchens, we strive to bring our clients' visions to life.

A well-designed kitchen is the heart of any home, and it plays a crucial role in everyday life. It should be a space that not only facilitates meal preparation but also reflects the homeowner's personal style and enhances their overall living experience. BHR Designs LLC. understands this and aims to create kitchen spaces that are not only practical but also visually stunning, ensuring that customers feel proud to showcase their kitchens to family and friends.

Start your kitchen transformation today! Contact BHR Designs LLC. for a consultation and let our team of expert designers turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style for a kitchen that truly reflects your unique personality.

Kitchens Fixtures and fittings:

1. Sink: Consider options like Stainless steel, Granite composite, Cast-iron, Fireclay, Porcelain, or Farmhouse sinks. Farmhouse or apron front sinks are also available in several materials.

2. Faucet: Look for one that matches your sink and offers features like a pull-out spray head or touchless operation.

3. Cabinets: Choose from various materials and finishes to suit your style and storage needs.

4. Countertops: Options include granite, quartz, laminate, or butcher block.

5. Range or Cooktop: Decide between a freestanding range or a separate cooktop and oven combination.

6. Oven: Consider a traditional oven or a convection oven for faster and more even cooking.

7. Refrigerator: When choosing a refrigerator, consider factors like size, storage capacity, energy efficiency, special features, and compatibility with kitchen layout and needs. You can also have your refrigerator panel to match your kitchen cabinetry for a seamless look. Side-by-Side, French door, built ins are designed to seamlessly blend with the kitchen cabinetry. Counter depth refrigerators are shallower than standard models, aligning with the depth of kitchen countertops. Smart Refrigerators are equipped with advanced technology such as touchscreen displays, Wi-Fi connectivity and interactive features.

8. Dishwasher: Look for energy-efficient models with various wash cycle options. Dishwasher drawers, also known as double-drawer dishwashers, are a type of dishwasher that feature two separate drawers stacked on top of each other and operates independently allowing for flexibility in dishwashing needs.

9. Lighting: Consider overhead lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and task lighting to brighten up your kitchen.

10. Backsplash: Enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen with a stylish backsplash made from various materials such as tile, glass, or stainless steel. Using the same countertop material as a backsplash in a kitchen is a popular design choice that can create a cohesive and visually appealing look.

Keep in mind that these fixtures and fittings represent only a few typical and numerous versions and designs exist for each. Consider your individual preferences, financial considerations, and overall style you are aiming for.

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